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Welcome to Suds Detailing, your go-to destination for automotive care in Southern Illinois. Our commitment goes beyond just cleaning; we’re rejuvenating vehicles to be in pristine condition. With our detailing, paint corrections, ceramic coatings, and expert window tinting service, we’re here to transform your vehicle. With a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques, we ensure that your car will leave our care looking its best.  Call us today to schedule your appointment!

Professional Car Detailing Services

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Our car detailing service at Suds Detailing goes beyond just washing your car. We go into every nook and cranny, ensuring it shines inside and out. Our process involves using the best products to clean and protect the vehicle’s exterior. Let us restore the shine and elegance of your car, making it feel good as new. 


Scratches, and any other factor can take away the beauty of your car’s paint. At Suds Detailing, we work hard to make it flawless, as it should be. We use the best techniques to buff away imperfections and make it shine like it used to. We want to provide hydrophobic protection for the body of your car, protecting it against water stains, grime, droppings, and any other unwanted substance. 

Premium Window Tinting

Beyond just looking nice, window tinting blocks harmful UV rays from the sun, protecting your skin and car interior from fading. Enhance your privacy and comfort while keeping your car cooler in the hotter months with our window tinting service at Suds Detailing. 

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Our reputation in the area and beyond is based on trust, quality services, and consistency. Our team is full of highly skilled and experienced professionals in the field of car detailing, all of who are passionate about cars and devoted to what they do. Testimonials from our customers echo that same commitment to excellence. 

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At Suds Detailing, we’re committed to providing you with high quality car detailing services. Our team of experienced professionals take pride in restoring the beauty of your vehicle with thorough cleaning, polishing, and protection treatments. We offer a range of services that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to book your appointment and give your vehicle the attention it deserves.